Sea Adventure Program

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Welcome to the wonderful world of sailing with SPECIAL DISCOUNT GROUP RATES!

Scouts, Scout Leaders, and Youth Program Advisers – The captains and the crews on our boats have extensive experience working with youth groups around the country. Participants contribute to their adventure as deck hands, watch officers, galley crew and navigators. The crews offer a unique and affordable opportunity for the young adventurer who is interested in learning about sailing, navigation, rules of the road, snorkeling and marine life. The vessels are equipped with safety equipment on board in excellent condition. Most of the captains are certified divers and they are all licensed with the USCG.

During your week at sea you will learn about:

  • Sail Trim – Set the sails, learn points of sail, and trim sails.
  • Navigation – From compass to GPS (Global Positioning System) and learn to recognize different channel markers and buoys.
  • Rules of the Road – Learn which vessel has right-of-way, learn vessel light identification, and use of auditory signals (i.e.: bells, horns, whistles, and gongs).
  • Teamwork – Essential for life aboard a sailboat, you’ll learn the value of positive attitude!
  • Snorkeling – Become one with the blue sea as you learn with first-hand looks at century-old shipwrecks in pristine waters.
  • Deep Sea Fishing – Get them all: mackerel, marlin, tuna, grouper, lobsters, Mahi-Mahi.
  • Marine Life Identification – From small forms of marine life to colorful fish and strange, amazing creatures, predators and their habitats.
  • Water Conservation – Learn how and why the sailor must use fresh water conservatively.

Cost: The rates are variable depending on the vessel used. We use the convenience of PayPal for deposits and full payments.

Dates/Destinations: Dates are flexible to the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Key West-Dry Tortugas, Florida-Cuba, Dolphins encounters in the Bahamas. For more information, go to our destinations page. Also, please read our helpful hints for Youth Program Directors.

Crew Size: We can accommodate groups from 2 to 55 individuals depending upon the availability of our vessels.

Because you Sailing Adventure is a Full Participation Adventure, it is important that everybody aboard share the tasks and do participate. You will learn, you will work, you will also enjoy fun activities. This is what a Full Participation Adventure is all about.

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