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The Bahamas offer some of the top snorkeling and diving destinations in the world. Guests will swim in crystal clear blue water, snorkel on coral reefs teaming with marine life, explore remote islands with white sand beaches and enjoy the nightlife in Bimini or Nassau.


florida-keys-sailing-adventureIt has been said that the Keys are a “State of the Mind.” Guests experience this state while sailing in the protected waters of the Florida Keys. Snorkel stops at coral reefs and shipwrecks. Land is never out of sight. Dinghy into Key Largo and other islands for a taste of what Jimmy Buffet sings about in his popular songs about this area.


dolphin encountersThis once-in-a-lifetime experience will take you to the Northern Bahamas and the remote White Sand Ridge. This is home to friendly pods of spotted dolphins. They will visit at will and guests interact with them in their natural environment. This is an open water experience. Keep in mind that one needs one (1) week to enjoy this very unique experience.

We will also visit the quiet village of Bimini, snorkel coral reefs and a historical shipwreck and fish for mahi-mahi and grouper. This trip will be the most exciting week of your life; something you will always remember when you arrive safely back home.


south-florida-sailingSail the waters of Biscayne Bay, the coast of South Florida and the inter coastal waterways. Sail by “cruise ship row,” the Port of Miami, South Beach and Port Everglades. Explore remote islands in the bay, dinghy into popular beach areas and make stops at South Florida “Hot” water nightlife spots.


bahama-adventuresDepart from Key West and sail to the most unique National Park. The Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson offer a variety of activities. Guests will find the best snorkeling in the USA in protected coral reefs and shipwrecks. Enjoy fishing in protected waters. Explore remote islands and bird sanctuaries. The fort is open for visitors and the park service offers various programs.

You can preview the boats and programs — like the Sea Adventures — and you can contact Ginette at any time to set up the tour of your dreams.

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