Youth Program Directors

Our Captains & Crews have extensive experience in working with youth groups from around the country. Participants contribute to their adventure as deck hands, watch officers, galley crew and navigators. I think you’ll find that our vessels and their Crews offer a unique and affordable opportunity for the young adventurer who is interested in learning about sailing, navigation, rules of the road, snorkeling and marine life.

All our vessels are U.S. Coast Guard inspected, with all safety equipment on board in excellent condition. Our Captains are certified in Florida with years of teaching experience in sailing in Florida and the Caribbean.

You can preview the boats and programs – like the Sea Adventures – and check out our destinations, then contact Ginette at any time to set up the tour of your dreams. Provide yourself and your loved ones with the memory of a lifetime!

Helpful Hints

Some of our vessels will work together to take larger groups on sailing trips. For your convenience, we’ve listed the single vessels and capacity along with those vessels which sail together:

The Avalon sails solo with a capacity of up to twelve people.

The Blue Bayou, with a capacity for seven people, will sail with the Conchy and/or the choice of several other boats, each with a capacity for up to seven individuals, for a total of fourteen people.

The Deja Vu, with a capacity for up to seven, will sail with the Running Free, with a seven person capacity, &/or the Moon Shadow, also with a seven person capacity. Total three ships will give approximately a twenty-one person capacity.

The Dream Catcher runs solo and sleeps nineteen individuals for overnight voyages (sail training programs, bird watchers, etc.), and is open to 49 guests for day trips.

Four Sheets to the Wind offers 4-hour trips to week-long vacations in Floridian waters.

The Jolly Rover also runs solo, and will take up to 19 people for week-long trips and for up to 49 people for a day or one-half day sail.

The Sundancer runs solo in full participation adventures, and she can take up to 20 passengers for a week-long trip. This is the ideal boat for scout trips, etc.