When you pack for a trip on board any boat with Island Sailing Adventure, there are some things you don’t want to forget. Although we have many of these items on board, we found it helpful for you to bring your own gear, especially when you might travel with a group.

Remember to PACK LIGHT. If it doesn’t fit in a pillow case, you’ve brought too much (excluding snorkel gear). If you have questions about anything listed below, please contact us. Also, be sure to check out our insurance information.

We suggest the following for your convenience (we’ve also included a printable checklist for your convenience):

Packing List

  • your medications
  • a small personal first aid kit, including: band aids, antibiotic ointment and pain medication. We also strongly recommend an antihistamine, Pepto Bismol, and some bug spray, but you can buddy-up with another trip member for these items.
  • 16 oz. of sunscreen factor 30+ (no sunscreen in spray, please use lotion applicable by hands)
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 3 prs shorts
  • 1-2 pr long pants (light)
  • 2 swimsuits or swim trunks
  • 1 lightweight jacket/windbreaker and/or sweatshirt
  • 1 set of light-weight rain gear
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses, preferably polarized with strap (sunglasses tend to get lost or broken, so 2 pair are best)
  • your prescription glasses and extra contacts if you wear them
  • 1 liter sized water bottle and/or coffee mug with secure cover
  • 1 sheet, light blanket, or sleeping bag
  • 1 ground pad if you want to sleep on deck
  • 2 towels
  • 1 complete toiletry kit
  • 5-10 clothespins
  • 1 wide-brimmed hat or baseball cap with bandanna or scarf to protect ears/neck from Caribbean sun
  • 1 pair of deck shoes with traction, Tiva-types OK; flip-flops not recommended
  • 1 pair walking shoes for touring
  • 3 pairs socks
  • 1 small flashlight
  • film and/or batteries for camera, etc.
  • personal snorkel gear as we have only a few sets available
  • money for souvenirs and a credit card for emergencies
  • Florida fishing license for those 16 yo and up
  • We strongly suggest a passport for any port entry identification.

TAX ID Number

If you want to benefit from the tax exemption regulations of Florida, you must apply for a Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption by calling 1-850-488-8422 and request a DR-5 form. Please keep in mind that unless you present that certificate you will have to pay taxes. From the time you apply to the time you receive this form could take about six (6) weeks.